These General Terms and Conditions for Provision of Services (referred to as the Terms and Conditions, the Terms) shall set the rights, obligations, and liabilities of the Company’s customers and the Company when using and providing the services specified in these Terms and Conditions.

We are a virtual currency exchange and virtual assets depository wallet operator. The pronouns “The Company”, “we”, “us” or “our” used in the Terms and Conditions mean, UAB, legal entity’s reg. no. 306125960, address: Gedimino pr. 44A-201, LT-01110 Vilnius, Lithuania. The pronouns “you” or “your” used in the Terms and Conditions must be understood as you, the customer of, UAB.

By clicking on “I agree” to accept any Services (as defined below) provided by the Company, you agree that you have read, understood, and accepted all of the terms and conditions stipulated in these Terms as well as our Privacy Policy at

In addition, when using some features of the Services, you may be subject to specific additional terms and conditions applicable to those features. Please read the terms carefully as they govern your use of Company Services.

By using company services, you acknowledge and agree that you are aware of the risks associated with transactions of virtual currencies and their derivatives. You shall assume all risks related to the use of company services and transactions of virtual currencies and their derivatives. The company shall not be liable for any such risks or adverse outcomes.

Virtual currencies may fluctuate significantly and there is a substantial risk of economic losses when purchasing, selling, holding, or investing in virtual currencies and their derivatives.

1. Definitions

“The Company”, “us”, “we” – means, UAB, legal entity’s reg. no. 306125960, address: Gedimino pr. 44A-201, LT-01110 Vilnius, Lithuania.

“Company Services”, “Services” – means various services provided to you by Company that are based on blockchain technologies and offered via the Company platform. Services that Company provides are indicated in the section III paragraph 1 of these Terms.

“Customer”, “User”, “you” – means all individuals, or organizations that use Company’s Services and who meet the criteria and conditions stipulated by Company.

“Virtual Currencies” – means encrypted or virtual tokens or virtual currencies with a certain value that are based on blockchain and cryptography technologies (such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT), etc.) and are issued and managed in a decentralized form.

“Company platform” – means Company websites, mobile applications, and other forms (including new ones enabled by future technological development).

“Virtual Assets” – means Virtual Currencies, their derivatives, or other types of digitalized assets with a certain value.

“FIAT” – means Euros (€), Great British Pounds Sterling (GBP), United States Dollars ($) or any other traditional currency that may be used in connection with a purchase or sale of Virtual Currencies via the Services.

“Funds” – means Virtual Currency and/or Fiat.

“Crypto-to-crypto Trading” – means the spot transactions in which one virtual currency is exchanged for another virtual currency.

“Fees” – means fees collected by the Company as it is described in Section III paragraph 2.4. of these Terms and Conditions.

“Company Account” – means virtual accounts and subaccounts, which are opened by Company for Users to record on Company their usage of Company Services, transactions, asset changes, and basic information.

“Virtual Currency Account” – means any Virtual Currency address or account owned, controlled, or operated by you that is maintained outside of the Services, and is not owned, controlled, or operated by The company.

2. General Provisions

2.1 About These Terms

2.1.1 Contractual Relationship These Terms constitute a legal agreement and create a binding contract between you and the Company.

2.1.2 Supplementary Terms The privacy policy, the Company platform rules, and all other agreements (if any) entered into separately between you and the Company are deemed supplementary terms that are an integral part of these Terms and shall have the same legal effect. Your use of Company Services has deemed your acceptance of the above supplementary terms.

2.1.3 Changes to These Terms The Company reserves the right to change or modify these Terms at its discretion at any time. The Company will notify such changes by updating the information in the Company Platform. Any and all modifications or changes to these Terms will become effective upon publication on the Company platform or release to users. Therefore, your continued use of the Company Services has deemed your acceptance of the modified terms and rules. If you do not agree to any changes to these terms, you must stop using the Company’s Services immediately.

2.1.4 The Company may not make the Services available in all markets and jurisdictions, and may restrict or prohibit the use of the Services from certain jurisdictions (“Restricted Jurisdictions”). The list of Restricted Jurisdictions is contained in Annex 1 (Restricted Jurisdictions) which may be updated by the Company from time to time. By accessing and using company services, you represent and warrant:
a, that you have not been included in any trade embargoes or economic sanctions list (such as the United Nations Security Council sanctions list, European Union sanctions list), the list of specially designated nationals maintained by OFAC, or the denied persons or entity list of the US department of commerce, etc.;
b, that you are not located in, under the control of, or a national or resident of any Restricted Jurisdiction, or any country to which the United States has embargoed goods or services;
c, that you are not identified as a “Specially Designated National” in USA;
d, that are not placed on the US Commerce Department’s Denied Persons List;
e, that you are not a citizen or resident of a sanctioned country according to the up-to-date lists of the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the United Nations, the European Union, and any EU Member State, the UK Treasury;
f, that you meet all eligibility requirements for the Services at the time of using any Services. The Company reserves the right to choose markets and jurisdictions to conduct business, and may restrict or refuse, at its discretion, the provision of the Company Services in certain countries or regions.

2.2 Company Account Registration and Requirements

2.2.1 Registration – All Users must apply for the Company Account at the Company platform before using Company Services. When you register a Company Account, you must provide your real name, email address, and password, and accept these Terms, the Privacy Policy, and other Company platform rules.

2.2.2 Your information – In order to receive the Services, you must provide any information requested by the Company. When you create the Company Account, you agree to:
a, create a strong password that you do not use for any other website or online service;
b, provide accurate and truthful information;
c, maintain and promptly update your information;
d, maintain the security of your Company Account by protecting your password and restricting access to your Company Account;
e, promptly notify us if you discover or otherwise suspect any security breaches related to your Company Account;
f, take responsibility for all activities that occur under your Company Account and accept all risks of any authorized or unauthorized access to your Company Account, to the maximum extent permitted by law.

2.3 Eligibility

2.3.1 By registering to use a Company Account, you represent and warrant that:
a, as an individual, you are at least 18 or are of legal age to form a binding contract under applicable laws;
b, as an individual, legal person, or other organization, you have the full legal capacity and sufficient authorizations to enter into these Terms;
c, you have not been previously suspended or removed from using Company Services;
d, you do not currently have a Company Account;
e, If you act as an employee or agent of a legal entity, and enter into these Terms on their behalf, you represent and warrant that you have all the necessary rights and authorizations to bind such legal entity;
f, your use of Company Services will not violate any and all laws and regulations applicable to you, including but not limited to regulations on anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, and counter-terrorist financing.
g, you are eligible to use the services in accordance with section II. paragraph 1.4.1. of these Terms.

2.3.2 The Company may refuse, at its discretion, to open a Company Account for you.

2.4 Identity Verification

2.4.1. You will need to provide the required personal information for identity verification. Such information will be used by Company to verify Users’ identities. In order to ensure that the Company satisfies applicable anti-money laundering and prevention of terrorism legislation, provided information will be used by the Company to identify traces of money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, and other financial crimes through the Company, or for other lawful purposes stated by the Company.

2.4.2. The information we require to verify your identity may include, but is not limited to, your name, email address, contact information, phone number, username, government-issued ID, date of birth, and other information collected during account registration.

2.4.3. We will collect, use and share such information in accordance with our Privacy Policy

2.4.3. We will collect, use and share such information in accordance with our Privacy Policy

2.4.4. In addition to providing the information specified in Section II paragraphs 2.4.2. and 2.5., you agree to allow us to keep a record of that information during the period for which your account is active and within eight (8) years after your account is closed. You also authorize us to conduct necessary investigations directly or through a third party to verify your identity or protect you and/or us from financial crimes, such as fraud. You also acknowledge and agree that your personal information may be disclosed to credit bureaus and agencies for fraud prevention or financial crime prevention, which may respond to our investigations in full.

2.4.5. After registration, you must ensure that the information is true, complete, and timely updated when changed. If there are any grounds for believing that any of the information you provided is incorrect, false, outdated or incomplete, the Company reserves the right to send you a notice to demand correction, directly delete the relevant information, and, as the case may be, terminate all or part of Company Services.

2.5 Information and documents collected

2.5.1 To ensure that Company satisfies applicable anti-money laundering and prevention of terrorism legislation, you at any time could be asked to provide the following (but not limited Please note that the list is not exhaustive and we can request additional documents if required) information/documents:
a, information on the transaction where the initiator is a natural person- name(s); the unique transaction code; the identification codes of the payment account or of the deposited Virtual Currency wallets; the identity document and its number; the personal identification number, the date of birth or any other unique sequence of characters assigned to the person to identify him/her and the nationality; the address of the place of residence.
b,information on the transaction where an initiator is a legal person – name; a unique transaction code; the identification codes of the payment account or of the Virtual Currency wallets deposited; the code, or, if no such code has been assigned, the registration statement; the address of the registered office;
c, information on the natural person who is the payee of the transaction – the name(s) of the payee, the surname(s), the personal identification number, the date of birth or any other unique sequence of characters assigned to the person to identify him/her and the nationality; the identification codes of the payee’s payment account or the wallets of the deposited Virtual Currencies;
d, information on the legal person who is the payee of the transaction: name, code (if any); the identification codes of the payee’s payment account or Virtual Currency wallet.

2.6. Account Usage Requirements

2.6.1. The Company Account can only be used by the account registrant. The Company reserves the right to suspend, freeze or cancel the use of the Company Accounts by persons other than the account registrant. If you suspect or become aware of any unauthorized use of your username and password, you should notify The Company immediately.

2.6.2. The Company assumes no liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of Company Account by you or any third party with or without your authorization.

2.6.3. You agree to treat your access credentials (such as username and password) as confidential information, and not to disclose such information to any third party. You also agree to be solely responsible for taking the necessary security measures to protect your Company Account and personal information.

2.6.4. You will be solely responsible for keeping safe your Company Account and password, and be responsible for all the transactions under your Company Account. The Company assumes no liability for any loss or consequences caused by authorized or unauthorized use of your account credentials, including but not limited to information disclosure, information release, consent or submission of various rules and agreements by clicking on the website, online agreement renewal, etc.

2.6.5. By creating a Company Account, you hereby agree that:
a, you will notify The Company immediately if you are aware of any unauthorized use of your Company Account and password or any other violation of security rules;
b, you will strictly abide by all mechanisms or procedures of Company regarding security, authentication, trading, charging, and withdrawal; and
c, you will take appropriate steps to logout from Company Account at the end of each visit.

3. Company Services

3.1 Provided services

3.1.1. Upon completion of the registration and identity verification for your Company Account, you may use Company Services such as:
a, Crypto-to-Crypto trading;
b, Fiat-to-Crypto trading;
c, Crypto-to-Fiat trading.

3.1.2 Company has the right to:
a, provide, modify or terminate, at its discretion, any Company Services based on its development plan;
b, allow or prohibit some Users’ use of any Company Services in accordance with relevant Company platform rules.
c,at any time and in our sole discretion, refuse any order submitted via the Services, impose limits on the order amount permitted via the Services or impose any other conditions or restrictions upon your use of the Services for funding your Company Account or for buying and selling Virtual Currencies. We may limit the number of orders that you may establish via the Services or we may restrict orders from certain locations.

3.2 Crypto Trading

3.2.1. Start – Upon completion of the registration and identity verification for your Company Account, you may start using the Services specified in section III, paragraph 1.1. of these Terms on the Company Platform in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and other Company platform rules. Orders – You may use the Funds in your Company Account to purchase Virtual Currencies made available by the Company via the Company platform. Your Company Account will be immediately updated to reflect the open orders, and your orders will be included. Once the order is executed, your Company Account will be updated to reflect that the order has been fully executed and closed, or the order has been partially executed. The order will remain uncompleted until it is fully executed or canceled. You may also initiate the sale of the Virtual Currencies held in your Company Account at any time. The Company will add the proceeds of the sale of any Virtual Currencies to your Company Account. To conclude an order, you authorize Company to temporarily control the Virtual Currencies involved in your transaction. Any withdrawal orders are irreversible and final once you have provided the relevant instructions to the Company, and you cannot change, withdraw or cancel the order to the Company to complete any pending or partially completed orders. We shall not be liable for any partially completed orders or delays in the processing of your instructions. We do not guarantee the availability of any exchange rate. The Company is not liable for any losses you incur related to an order of any Virtual Currencies to an external account. Particularly during periods of high volume, illiquidity, fast movement, or volatility in the marketplace for any Virtual Currencies or FIAT, the actual market rate at which an order is executed may be different from the prevailing rate indicated via the Services at the time of your order. You understand that we are not liable for any such price fluctuations

3.2.3 Cancellation For orders initiated through the Company platform, you may only cancel them before they have been matched with other Users’ Orders. Once your Order has been matched with another user’s Order, you may not change, revoke or cancel. After the timeframe specified in paragraph 2.3.1. above all sales and purchases of Virtual Currencies via the Company platform are considered final. We do not accept any returns or provide refunds for your purchase of Virtual Currencies via the Company platform except as otherwise provided in these Terms. Company reserves the right to reject any cancellation request related to the order you have submitted. If your account does not have a sufficient amount of Funds to execute an order, The Company may cancel the entire order, or execute part of the order with the amount of Funds you have in your account. All prices reflect the exchange rates applicable to the purchase or sale of Virtual Currencies using Fiat or alternative form of Virtual Currencies identified in your purchase order. All Virtual Currency sales and purchases by the Company are subject to availability, and we reserve the right to discontinue the sale and purchase of Crypto Currencies without prior notice. Only valid payment methods specified by us may be used to purchase Virtual Currencies. By placing an order to purchase Virtual Currencies from via the Company platform, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to use the designated payment method and you authorize us, or our payment processor, to charge your designated payment method. If the payment method you designate cannot be verified, is invalid, or is otherwise not acceptable, your purchase order may be suspended or canceled automatically. You agree to resolve any problems we encounter in order to proceed with your purchase order.

3.2.4 Fees You agree to pay the Company the fees. The Company may, at its discretion, update the fees at any time. Any updated fees will apply to any sales or other orders that occur following the effective date of the updated fees. You authorize The Company to deduct from your account any applicable fees that you owe under these Terms. You authorize us, or our designated payment processor, to charge or deduct the Funds in your Company Account for any applicable Fees owed in connection with the orders you complete via the Services. If you fail to pay Fees or any other amounts owed to the Company under these Terms and the Company refers your account(s) to a third party for collection, then the Company could charge you a collection fee or the maximum percentage permitted by applicable law, to cover the Company’s collection-related costs.

3.2.5. Restriction When you use Company Services, you agree and undertake to comply with the following provisions and that you are solely responsible for your conduct while using our Services. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you agree that you will not:
a, Use our Services in any manner that could interfere with, disrupt, negatively affect or inhibit other users from fully using our Services, or that could damage, disable, overburden or impair the functioning of our Services in any manner;
b, Use our Services to pay for, support or otherwise engage in any illegal gambling activities; fraud; money-laundering; or terrorist activities; or other illegal activities;
c, Use any robot, spider, crawler, scraper or other automated means or interface not provided by us to access our Services or to extract data;
d, Use or attempt to use another user’s account without authorisation;
e, Attempt to circumvent any content filtering techniques we employ, or attempt to access any service or area of our Services that you are not authorised to access;
f, Develop any third-party applications that interact with our Services without our prior written consent;
g, Provide false, inaccurate, or misleading information; or
h, Encourage or induce any third party to engage in any of the activities prohibited under this Section.

4. Liabilities

4.1 Disclaimer

4.1.1. To the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, Company Services or other items provided by or on behalf of the Company are offered on an “as is” and “as available” basis, and Company expressly disclaims, and you waive, any and all other warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title or non-infringement or warranties arising from a course of performance, course of dealing or usage in trade.

4.1.2. Without limiting the foregoing, The Company does not represent or warrant that the Company platform, Company services are accurate, complete, reliable, current, error-free, or free of viruses or other harmful components.

4.1.3. The Company does not guarantee that any order will be executed, accepted, recorded, or remain open. You hereby acknowledge and agree that you have not relied upon any other statement or agreement, whether written or oral, with respect to your use and access to Company services.

4.1.4. without limiting the foregoing, you hereby understand and agree that the Company will not be liable for any losses or damages arising out of or relating to:
a, any inaccuracy, defect, or omission of Virtual Assets price data,
b, any error or delay in the transmission of such data,
c, interruption in any such data,
d, regular or unscheduled maintenance carried out by company and service interruption and change resulting from such maintenance,
e, any damages incurred by other users’ actions, omissions or violation of these Terms,
f, any damage caused by illegal actions of other third parties or actions without authorized by Company;
g, other exemptions mentioned in disclaimers and platform rules issued by Company.

4.1.5. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event will the Company, its affiliates, and their respective shareholders, members, directors, officers, employees, attorneys, agents, representatives, suppliers, or contractors be liable for any incidental, indirect, special, punitive, consequential or similar damages or liabilities whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of data, information, revenue, profits or other businesses or financial benefits) arising out of Company Services, any performance or non-performance of Company Services, or any other product, Service or other item provided by or on behalf of the company and its affiliates, except to the extent of a final judicial determination that such damages were a result of Company’s gross negligence, fraud, willful misconduct or intentional violation of the law.

4.1.6. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in no event will the liability of the Company, its affiliates, and their respective shareholders, members, directors, officers, employees, attorneys, agents, representatives, suppliers, or contractors arising out of Services offered by or on behalf of the Company and its affiliates, any performance or non-performance of Company Services, or any other product, service or other items, whether under contract, statute, strict liability or other theory, exceed the amount of the fees paid by you to The Company under these terms in the twelve-month period immediately preceding the event giving rise to the claim for liability.

4.1.7. Although the Company has been committed to maintaining the accuracy of the information provided through Company Services, the Company cannot and does not guarantee its accuracy, applicability, reliability, integrity, performance, or appropriateness, nor shall Company be liable for any loss or damage that may be caused directly or indirectly by your use of these contents. The information about Company Services may change without prior notice, and the main purpose of providing such information is to help Users make independent decisions.

4.1.8 All Users of Company Services must understand the risks involved in Virtual Assets trading, and are recommended to exercise prudence and trade responsibly within their own capabilities.

4.2 Intellectual Property Rights

4.2.1. You are prohibited to use Company Services for resale or commercial purposes, including transactions on behalf of other persons or entities. All the above actions are expressly prohibited and constitute a material violation of these Terms.

4.2.2. The content layout, format, function, and access rights regarding Company Services should be stipulated at the discretion of the Company. Company reserves all rights not expressly granted in these Terms. Therefore, you are hereby prohibited from using Company Services in any way not expressly authorized by these Terms.

4.2.3. These Terms only grant a limited license to access and use Company Services. Therefore, you hereby agree that when you use Company Services, Company does not transfer Company Services or the ownership or intellectual property rights of any Company intellectual property to you or anyone else.

4.2.4. Unless otherwise indicated or agreed by us, all copyright and other intellectual property rights in all content and other materials contained on the Company platform or provided in connection with the Services, including, without limitation, the Company logo and all designs, text, graphics, pictures, information, data, software, sound files, other files and the selection and arrangement thereof are the proprietary property of the Company or our licensors or suppliers and are protected by international copyright laws and other intellectual property rights laws.

5. Suspension and termination of an agreement

5.1 Suspension of Company Accounts

5.1.1. You agree that the Company shall have the right to immediately suspend your Company Account (and any accounts beneficially owned by related entities or affiliates), freeze or lock the Virtual Assets or funds in all such accounts, and suspend your access to Company in lawful and reasonable cases including if the Company suspects any such accounts to be in violation of these Terms, our Privacy Policy, or any applicable laws and regulations. You agree that Company shall not be liable to you for any permanent or temporary modification of your Company Account, or suspension or termination of your access to all or any portion of Company Services. The Company shall reserve the right to keep and use the transaction data or other information related to such Company Accounts. The above account controls may be applied in the following (but not limited) cases:
a, you have provided us with false or misleading information or documents and/or have not updated such documents and information within a reasonable period of time;
b, you use the Services for activities prohibited under these Terms and Conditions
c, you are bankrupt or under liquidation or an officer who takes over maintenance of your assets is assigned to you;
d, you have suspended payment for services and have not repaid the debt within a reasonable period of time;
e, any statement of the Terms or the information provided is or becomes materially inaccurate or materially altered;
f, validity of the Terms contradicts the requirements of the legal acts or causes us other adverse consequences that we could not have foreseen at the time of drawing up the Terms and Conditions and that we could not manage or avoid if the Terms and Conditions remain in force;
g, we terminate provision of our Services or provision of certain Services directly related to the contract, or we cannot provide such services due to other reasonable circumstances;
h, you have violated applicable laws or rules;
i, you use the Services for malicious, illegal or immoral purposes;
j, this is necessary for our own protection, including (but not limited to) the following circumstances: (a) protection against fraud or money laundering; (b) protection against your failure to fulfil obligations; (c) protection against market failure; (d) protection against adverse or volatile market conditions; and (e) our protection against loss;
k, if your activities using our services could damage our business reputation;
l, we are requested to do so by any governmental or regulatory authority if that request is legally binding;
m, in cases where it turns out that you commit a criminal and/or unlawful activities while using the Services;
n, anctions schemes imposed by the Republic of Lithuania, European Union or other jurisdictions to the Russia Federation, the Republic of Belarus or to other countries makes the execution of the Agreement impossible;
o, the Company Account is subject to a governmental proceeding, criminal investigation or other pending litigation;
p, we detect unusual activities in the Company Account;
q, we detect unauthorized access to the Company Account.

5.2 Termination of Company Accounts

5.2.1. In case of any of the following events, the Company shall have the right to directly terminate these Terms by terminating your Company Account, and shall have the right but not the obligation to permanently freeze (cancel) the authorizations of your Company Account on Company and withdraw the corresponding Company Account thereof:
a, after Company terminates the provision of Services to you;
b, you allegedly register or register in any other person’s name as a Company User again, directly or indirectly;
c, the information that you have provided is untruthful, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete;
d, when these Terms are amended, you state your unwillingness to accept the amended Terms by applying for cancellation of your Company Account or by other means;
e, you request that Company Services provision to be terminated;
f, other circumstances that are indicated in the section V paragraph 1 of these Terms.

5.2.2. Should your Company Account be terminated, the Account and transactional information that meet data retention standards will be securely stored for eight (8) years.

5.2.3. If Company is informed that any Virtual Assets or funds held in your Company Account are stolen or otherwise are not lawfully possessed by you, the Company may, but has no obligation to, place an administrative hold on the affected funds and your Company Account. If Company does lay down an administrative hold on some or all of your funds or Company Account, Company may continue such hold until such time as the dispute has been resolved and evidence of the resolution acceptable to the Company has been provided to Company in a form acceptable to Company. The Company will not involve itself in any such dispute or the resolution of the dispute. You agree that Company will have no liability or responsibility for any such hold, or for your inability to withdraw Virtual Assets or funds or execute trades during the period of any such hold.

5.2.4. In the event of termination, the Company will attempt to return any Funds stored in your Company Account not otherwise owed to the Company, unless the Company believes you have committed fraud, negligence, or other misconduct.

6. Privacy Policy

6.1 We process your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy which you can find on our website Please read it before accepting these Terms and Conditions.

7. Compliance with Local Laws and Resolving Disputes

7.1 Applicable law

7.1.1. These Terms are drawn up in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. The legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania shall apply to these Terms.

7.1.2. It is your responsibility to abide by local laws in relation to the legal usage of Company Services in your local jurisdiction as well as other laws and regulations applicable to you.

7.1.3. You must also factor, to the extent of their local laws all aspects of taxation, the withholding, collection, reporting, and remittance to their appropriate tax authorities.

7.1.4. All users of Company services acknowledge and declare that their Funds come from legitimate sources and do not originate from illegal activities. Users agree that the Company will require them to provide or otherwise collect the necessary information and materials as per relevant laws or government orders to verify the legality of the sources and use of their funds.

7.1.5. By accepting the Terms, you acknowledge that you are aware of sanctions schemes imposed by the Republic of Lithuania, the European Union, and/or other jurisdictions with regards to the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, or other countries. You agree to follow and not to violate mentioned sanctions schemes while using our Services.

7.1.6. By accessing Company Services, you agree that the Company has the right to investigate any violation of these Terms, unilaterally determine whether you have violated these Terms, and take actions under relevant regulations without your consent or prior notice. Examples of such actions include, but are not limited to:
a, blocking and closing order requests; b, suspending your account; c, reporting the incident to the authorities; d, publishing the alleged violations and actions that have been taken; e, deleting any information you published that are found to be violations.

7.2 Disputes

7.2.1 Any disputes between you and the Company shall first be settled by negotiations. If we are unable to settle the dispute by negotiations, you can file us a complaint free of charge by post or email. We will ask you to provide your name or the company’s representative’s name, contact information, and any information that gives you reasonable grounds to believe that we have violated your rights and legitimate interests in providing our Services. If you want to file a complaint by email, please send it to this email address [email protected].

7.2.2 If the dispute cannot be settled by negotiations, the dispute may be settled in the competent court of the Republic of Lithuania.

7.2.3 We may withhold your funds/assets and/or freeze your account related to the dispute until the dispute is settled.

8. Miscellaneous

8.1 The Agreement. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between the parties regarding the use of Company Services and will supersede all prior written or oral agreements between the parties. No usage of trade or other regular practice or method of dealing between the parties will be used to modify, interpret, supplement, or alter the terms herein.

8.2. Force Majeure. Neither Party shall be liable for any economic loss, delay, or failure to perform any part of these Terms if such loss, delay, or failure is caused by fire, flood, explosion, accident, war, strike, embargo, government request, civil or military authority, civil disturbances, inaccessibility of the public Internet, hacking or distribution of DoS attacks, failure to guarantee materials or labor, termination of vital agreements by third parties, actions of the other Party or any other cause beyond the control of the Party. If such circumstances of force majeure last for more than 3 months, either Party shall have a right to terminate these Terms immediately upon written notice thereof to the other Party. We do not accept any liability for non-compliance with our obligations under these Terms and Conditions arising from the emergency situation and / or quarantine announced by the Government.

8.3. Severability. If any portion of these Terms is held invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or enforceability will not affect the other provisions of these Terms, which will remain in full force and effect, and the invalid or unenforceable portion will be given effect to the greatest extent possible.

8.4. Assignment. You may not assign or transfer any right to use Company Services or any of your rights or obligations under these Terms without prior written consent from the Company, including any right or obligation related to the enforcement of laws or the change of control. The Company may assign or transfer any or all of its rights or obligations under these Terms, in whole or in part, without notice or obtaining your consent or approval.

8.5. Waiver. Our failure or delay in exercising any right, power, or privilege under these Terms shall not operate as a waiver thereof.

8.6. Discontinue of Services. We may, in our sole discretion and without liability to you, with or without prior notice and at any time, modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any portion of our Services.

8.7. Contact Information. For more information on Company, you may refer to the Company and information found on the Company platform. If you have questions regarding these Terms, please feel free to contact the Company for clarification via our Customer Support team at [email protected]

8.8. Announcements. Please be aware that all official announcements, news, promotions, competitions, and airdrops will be listed on the Company platform.

8.9. Investment advice. The Company does not provide investment or consulting advice of any kind, and is not responsible for the use or interpretation of information on the Company or any other communication medium.

8.10. Legality. You are responsible for determining whether the use of any of our Services is legal in your jurisdiction and you shall not use our Services if it is illegal in your jurisdiction to do so. If you are uncertain of the legal treatment, please seek independent legal advice.

7.11. Internet transmission risks. You acknowledge that there are risks associated with utilizing an Internet-based platform including, but not limited to, the failure of hardware, software, and Internet connections. You acknowledge that the Company shall not be responsible for any communication failures, disruptions, errors, distortions, or delays you may experience when trading via the Services, however, caused.

7.12. Deposit insurance. No Company is a bank or depositary institution. Your Company Account is not a deposit account or a bank account. Your Company Account and your Virtual Currencies are not covered by insurance against losses or subject to any deposit guarantee scheme, federal deposit insurance protection, or the protections of any comparable organization in other jurisdictions.

7.13. Regulatory status. The regulatory status of Virtual Currencies is currently unsettled, varies among jurisdictions, and is subject to significant uncertainty. Legislative and regulatory changes or actions relating to Virtual Currencies or blockchain technology at a domestic, international, or supranational level may adversely affect or restrict, as applicable, the use, transfer, exchange, and value of Virtual Currencies, as well as the provision of our Services.

7.14. Fraud. The nature of Virtual Currencies may lead to an increased risk of fraud or cyberattack and any losses due to fraudulent or accidental transactions will not be recoverable.

9. Restricted Jurisdictions

– Afghanistan
– Algeria
– American Samoa
– Belarus
– Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
– Central African Republic
– China
– Cuba
– Ecuador
– Guam
– Iran (the Islamic Republic of)
– Iraq
– Korea (the Democratic People’s Republic of)
– Kosovo
– Lebanon
– Libya
– Mali
– Nepal
– Pakistan
– Palestine, State of
– Puerto Rico
– Qatar
– Russian Federation
– Somalia
– South Sudan
– Sudan (the)
– the Syrian Arab Republic
– United States of America
– Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
– Virgin Islands (U.S.)
– Western Sahara
– Yemen